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August 29th, 2014

Dear Mr. Ashby,

Please help us create a bulwark of inspiration, charity and influence.

We believe we have a sufficiently practical and commercial vision (outlined in the business plan) for you to hear us out, so we would also have you know that the above words imply a more far-reaching ambition.

Although it may sound woolly, we are profoundly driven individuals with a wholesome partnership and we believe we can be role models to more people than we currently have access to. Aside from a keenness to share our specialization in Latin American music, our orientation is global, multicultural, moral and spiritual.

We sincerely hope that you will empower us so we may grow to empower others, to so actively help improve the vibrations and opportunities for all in this world. 

... Who we are

KyG stands for Karen and Gustavo in Spanish. We met in 1999, were married in 2001 and almost immediately began developing projects together. We became the V.O.F. (General Partnership) KyG Productions – a Chamber-of-Commerce-registered company – in 2011.

Our roles within the company and a brief description of our education and experience.

Karen D. Russel

Aruba, 1970, Dutch nationality. Artist name KDRdeCorrales.

Management, logistics, administration, content (text & imagery), creative design, translation, webmaster

Writer, composer, pianist, singer, visual artist and choreographer

Education: Preparatory scholarly education (VWO), Basic vocational education (Executive Secretary) (MBO).

Experience: 20 years as an (executive) management assistant. Self-taught artist.

Gustavo Corrales Romero

Cuba, 1970, Dutch nationality.

Concert pianist, writer, composer/musical arranger, visual artist

Co-management, content (text & imagery), creative design, translation

Education: 17 years of primary, secondary and conservatory education towards vocation of concert pianist.

Experience: 28 years of public performances, 20 years as an instructor. Self-taught artist.

... Motivation

We are continuously blessed with ideas in all the artistic areas that we pursue, which we believe are meant to be, among other things because we have to date been able to sometimes develop them under harrowing circumstances.

  • G’s entire, 17-year education, of which ten years largely away from his family in Cuba and two from his country, was no
  • picnic.
  • K wrote a large chunk of the over 50 compositions for piano solo that exist today while serving the Shell board, often making between 10-20 hours a day.
  • K’s demo was recorded in the very hectic year 2011, in which we also held a student concert, produced G’s 2nd CD, organized a big CD launch concert and officialized the company with all that this entailed; finding a bookkeeper, dealing with the Chamber of Commerce and initiating a more professional administration.

Allow us to be completely up front with you about our situation, our game plan, our proposed arrangement and our most ambitious ideas.

... Our current situation

After an extended period of trying out several approaches, funded by a double salary, working from an almost purely artist mindset, we find ourselves before the bridge leading to our vision.

We would like to proceed as a company with a more commercial mindset (which we have begun developing), can see where we would like to go and believe – on the basis of our experience – that we are justified in this. We have an idea of the approach, which we have begun shaping, but could do with a hand.

Any financial reserves we had have been used up. The main relevant financial factors may be found under the current situation / finance section in the business plan. KyG’s private and business cash flow is currently generated by G’s piano classes and supplemented modestly by some freelance writing by K, who mid-2012 stopped working-in-employment.

K: ‘For 20 years I’ve more or less been able to develop my writing and music next to having a job. I am grateful because my career has provided a solid foundation to base the management and administration of our company on, not to mention a lot of useful skills that make us highly self-sufficient.

Having also taken on facilitating G’s career and projects (1999>) and the main responsibility for the company (2011>), the strain of also having a job has since then (>2012) been replaced by continuously trying to figure out how to pay the bills and create financial space, leaving little time to take things to the next level (sales & marketing) and develop new ideas, next to - for PR reasons - managing a monthly newsletter, (at some point) 3 websites, 2 Facebook pages, 2 LinkedIn pages and a Twitter account. Activities delegated elsewhere to an army of employees, at KyG are carried by two people, the bulk by me.’

... Game plan

Obtain some financial room to be able to focus on the further development of company and projects until we are able to stay afloat ourselves, in two phases. We are hereby aware that we are not selling common, must-have products. We do believe that we can grow by marketing an expanding catalogue of nice-to- have, unique products.

... Proposed arrangement

We are approaching you as a potential generous patron and/or flexible loan provider or investor, meaning that we would enjoy a lot of room, favorable conditions and/or the most reasonable terms to make good on loan or investment. Any alternative assistance tailored to our situation, as you see fit, will of course also be highly appreciated.

... Our most ambitious ideas

Since 1999 KyG has been documenting ideas for projects, many of which would obviously require the backing of a financially powerful institution. Given progressive growth, KyG hopes to become such an institution ourselves, for why else would we have been blessed with such grand ideas? The current count stands at over 30. A sneak peek has been included in the business plan.

... Finally

KyG has the potential to get there ourselves. But we’d be able to do it a lot quicker with your help. Imagine all the people we could inspire and help sooner, who find themselves in dire straits or who also may be enabled to do their part to help improve this world.

At heart we are multi-talented artists, not business people. Our core business and passion involves creating stories and experiences in words, music and images. The very fact that we undertook the daunting task of attempting to conceive some sort of a business plan to give ourselves the best chance at getting some assistance, should testify to our determination, and to our profound belief in ourselves and in what we have to offer.

Two last notes. Apologies for the unconventionality and unintended length of the ‘business plan’, in which – we admit – we’ve gotten a bit carried away with the Product & Development section (the conception of which was very exciting for us). We’ve left it in just in case you’d like to browse some details.

‘Ask and you shall receive’ it is said. It is our profound hope that – between the lines – you recognize, besides integrity, an urgent cry for help. Thank you for your kind consideration.


Karen and Gustavo


Since our company website is still in the making, we opted – of our two existing individual websites – for this one to make this presentation.

Karen D. Russel de Corrales, Partner

Gustavo Corrales Romero, Partner

V.O.F. KyG Productions

Heelsumstraat 55 | 2573 NG | The Hague | The Netherlands

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BTW (VAT) number NL850845622BO1

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