W h e r e  t h e  s u n  r i s e s

to uplift, inspire and inform through the art of word, music and imagery

Click on the It’s all KyG logo or here to go to our new company website, to which our webshop will eventually be linked.

KyG (Kah-ee-Hih) stands for Karen and Gustavo in Spanish. 

KyG Productions is the official company name. 

It’s all KyG is our brand.

KyG spreads awareness about

Latin American classical and 

contemporary music and art


Provides diversion and inspiration 

live and online through conventional 

and innovative concert formulas,

CDs, books and merchandise in the broadest sense! 

After two decades of focusing almost exclusively on music, in 2022 circumstances finally forced us to also begin sharing our visual art and photography through our store on Zazzle.

Keep me informed